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Coaching knallhart

Manche Politiker sprechen von der "brutalstmöglichen Wahrheit", der Volksmund von "Lieber ein Ende mit Schrecken, als Schrecken ohne Ende" und der Coach von "wertschätzender Offenheit". Letzteres klingt angenehmer, ist meiner Meinung nach aber das gleiche. Jetzt mal im Ernst: Kürzlich war ich bei einer Führungskraft, in deren Umfeld zu viele Konflikte eskalierten. Die Vorgesetzte war [...]

Mittelstandsunternehmen: Mannschaft oder Einzelkämpfer?

Von Thomas Schulte Kürzlich bei einem Mittelständler. Stolz präsentiert mir der Geschäftsführer seine Anreizsysteme für den Vertrieb: Mitarbeiter des Jahres, Luxuskreuzfahrten und andere Boni. Selbstverständlich alles nur, wenn die knallharten Zielvorgaben übertroffen werden. Hinzu kommt völlige Transparenz. Jeder Vertriebsmitarbeiter kennt nicht nur die eigenen Ergebniszahlen, sondern auch die seiner Kollegen. Jeder weiß, wo die anderen [...]

Leadership and Coaching in Nepal – Deborah Koehler (part 10)

MBA Graduating Students - Employability The concepts of apprenticeships or Part Time jobs are not common in Nepal. Students frequently go straight from the College to their Masters Degree with no work experience. During their Masters Degree study they do have one internship where they are placed in different businesses. These placements vary in success. [...]

Leadership and Coaching in Nepal – Deborah Koehler (part 8)

Communication Skills for Diversity Training. On September 9th, I spoke with 14 participants at different levels of the client organisation about the difference between horizontal training and vertical training. The intention of the exercise was to identify the key principles of each participant in ways that helped build their understanding and motivation to hire a [...]

Leadership and Coaching in Nepal – Deborah Koehler (part 7)

Training in a Development Organization: Today was the sales meeting with an European Aid organization to see if I am the right trainer for their requirements. They had read my bio and thought I might be able to help them with diversity training. I have friends who are diversity trainers, but I am not one [...]

Leadership and Coaching in Nepal – Deborah Koehler (part 6)

Training Mid level Managers Delegation skills:     On August 20th I had a briefing from the HR Director for the mid level managers of an International company (please see here for more details). Since that briefing, I have now conducted 3 separate days of training with 25 managers between the ages of 29 and [...]

Leadership and Coaching in Nepal – Deborah Koehler (part 5)

Open Workshop I designed, wrote the syllabus, and developed a training plan for a 4-day workshop on “soft skills” and delivered it to 15 managers from the ages of 19 to 52 from Education, Business, and Government offices. It was an open program and anyone could attend. My soft skills program was about the delivery [...]

Leadership and Coaching in Nepal – Deborah Koehler (part 4)

What is Usual I learn that each day is significant to the many cultural groups that live together in Kathmandu. One day there is a Newari ceremony for a girl who comes of age; the next, a Hindu ceremony for women to gather to celebrate their husbands’ health. If a factory or business is multi-cultural, [...]

Leadership and Coaching in Nepal – Deborah Koehler (part 2)

Sales Meeting I received the brief today from the HR director of an international company with headquarters in Europe. All but one of its 9 Nepali subsidiary board of members are international. This company has brought to Nepal international standards with fully thought-out values, mission, strategy, and a strong belief in training. Its staff have [...]

Leadership and Coaching in Nepal – Deborah Koehler (part 1)

Sunday Morning, August 17th and I am preparing to travel to Nepal tomorrow. It is 30 years since I made my first trip there in January 1984. I was 34 years old, and Nepal seemed an exotic kingdom a long long way from my Nebraska, USA roots. I had already spent 8 years living in [...]